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  Our company, Yangzhou Luyuan Bio-chemical Co, Ltd, have committed to develop and extend of bio-pesticides for thirty years, and is one of the earliest bio-pesticide manufactories in China. Some microbial pesticides are wildly used to control the pests in fields of agriculture, forest and sanitation. The preparations are manufactured using fermenting technology and bio-reactor from strains of microorganisms, such as Bacillus thuringiensis, Bacillus sphaericus and insect-viruses, which were isolated from fields. Among the preparations, Bacillus thuringiensis and insect-viruses are used to control the plant insect pests, improvomg the quality of organic products, while Bacillus sphaericus can control mosquito larvae and prevent the transmitting of diseases such as dengue fever, malaria. Using microbial pesticides, with no harm to humans, beneficial insects and environment, is an effective approach to develop sustainable farming. We are now engaging in the research of insect virus、suctation trap, and the fermentation and the downstream process of Bt to improve the quality of bio-pesticides.



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